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Dance artist

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Amie Mbye (b. 1993) is a Norwegian-Gambian dance artist based in Oslo working in between Oslo, Paris and Dakar. Amie works as a performer and co-creator and / or creator in various artistic contexts and constellations. She has both participated in and created projects ranging from site-specific interactive performances to artistic productions for stages, presented both nationally and internationally. She holds a BA from the College of Dance Art in Oslo (2019), where she graduated with a degree in dance and choreographic thinking. Amie has since been engaged as a dancer for various artists and choreographers such as Germaine Acogny (SEN), Thomas Talawa Prestø (NO), Aida Colmenero Diaz (ES), Alesandra Seutin (BE), Harald & Louis (NO / DK), Inés Belli (NO) and more. Her choreographic practice is within the field of performing arts, which often unfolds as film, performance, music and installation.


Amie uses photography and body memory as a tool to investigate issues related to minority, gender, cultures and identity politics. She looks at how the relationship between body and movement can create different forms of perceptions of reality, and how these in turn unfold and are expressed politically, structurally and personally.


Being a dance artist navigating between streetdance, contemporary dance and a strong intress in anatomic studies from from her former nursing studies Amie provides a rich and deep understanding of movement quality and an interesting approach to choreography. 

Amie is also active as a facilitator, organizer and teacher within the streetdance and performing art scene in Norway and is known for her interesse in arranging projects and engage spaces for young dancers in Oslo, Norway.

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